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Single Species Action Plan for the Monteiro's Storm-petrel

31 July 2016: Status report

This is the Species Status Report. For more information please contact the Coordinator.

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08 September 2016: Workshop

The Monteiro's Storm-petrel workshop was held on Graciosa Island, Azores (Portugal) on September 8-9th 2016. For more details please visit: http://www.spea.pt/en/news/monteiroi-task-force-meeting-on-graciosa-island-marks-the-start-of-a-new-age-for-the-conservation-of-bird-species-at-the-european-level/

27 April 2018: Draft action plan

This is the Final Draft International Single Species Action Plan for the conservation of the Monteiro's Storm-petrel. It was submitted for adoption by the EC (May 2018).

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31 May 2018: Species action plan

This is the Single Species Action Plan for the conservation of the Monteiro's Storm-petrel. This Action Plan was commissioned by the Directorate General of Environment (EC) and approved by the EU Member States on 23 May 2018. The development of the plan was coordinated by SPEA (BirdLife Partner in Portugal) under the LIFE EuroSAP Project (LIFE14 PRE/UK/002), thanks to funding from the EC and the MAVA Foundation for Nature.

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31 May 2021: First reporting

The results of the monitoring of implementation of the Species Action Plan will be available here. The results will be shown by country (pie chart) and by conservation action (map). This phase will start during the implementation of the Action Plan.

31 May 2026: Evaluation/update

The EVFAP should be reviewed every five years (first review of implementation in 2021), and updated every 10 years (first update in 2026). An emergency review will be undertaken if there is a sudden major change liable to affect the target population.

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