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Subspecies Action Plan for the Macaronesian Sparrowhawk

01 October 2016: Status report

No Status Report available

15 May 2017: Workshop

1st workshop (5-6/10/2016), Funchal, Madeira; Final workshop (15-17/05/2017), Funchal, Madeira

01 September 2017: Draft action plan

No draft available

01 December 2017: Species action plan

The Action Plan for the Macaronesian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus granti in the European Union (2017-2022) was prepared by the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), Spanish Society of Ornithology (SEO/BirdLife) and BirdLife International within the framework of the EU-funded project Life+ Fura-bardos - Conservation of Macaronesian Sparrowhawk and the Laurissilva habitat in Madeira Island (LIFE12 NAT/PT/000402; from 2013 to 2017).

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01 December 2019: First reporting

Event done
Ongoing phase
Upcoming phase