A global server failure causes hundreds of websites to stop working

And technical problem from the technology giant Fastly, a provider of CDN (content distribution networks) services for large media, and which helps distribute content over the internet more quickly Regardless of where users are, it has prevented access to numerous Internet pages, including Amazon, Reddit, Chartbeat, Spotify, streaming platforms such as Twitch, or some of the most important digital newspapers worldwide. . Some pages that were still in operation showed service failures. In the case of Twitter, the problem was in the display of images or emojis. This centralization of services means that if one falls, it drags down the rest of most used pages. On this occasion, multimillion-dollar companies have not lost valuable data along the way, but the time and quality of service to the end customer is being affected. This problem also focuses on the excessive dependence on Internet services at a global level.

When trying to access them, the servers returned a error message 503 – service unavailable – that is, a problem with the server that hosts them, which momentarily prevents access to the website. Error 503 belongs to the class of HTTP status codes that report the server’s inability to process a request and the message sent is “service unavailable” or, in other words, “service not available”, which tells you signals to the client that the server is momentarily offline.

Nearly 21,000 Reddit users reported problems with the social media platform, while more than 5,000 users reported problems with Twitch or 2,000 with Amazon, according to the site interruption monitoring website Downdetector.com.

The problem began to be detected at 11:58 in Spain. Almost an hour later, at 1:13 p.m., the company reported that the error had been resolved. The pages that depend on its infrastructure have already begun to operate normally. The reason for this incident is unknown so far, although what the CEO of Fastly has done is rule out that it is a cyber attack on its infrastructure, in statements to The Wall Street Journal.

Last December 14th Alphabet’s main services (Google, Gmail, YouTube and the cloud storage service) recorded a temporary drop Worldwide. In this error, the entire ecosystem of the search engine giant went black. From YouTube to Google Classroom and without forgetting Gmail, Drive or its new online meeting solution, Google Meet.

This is a common failure in the Internet of networks, but its magnitude amplifies when it hits the technological giants. Last November, the Amazon’s cloud computing division suffered an outage that affected customers’ ability to use about two dozen services, affecting streaming hardware maker Roku, software seller Adobe, digital photography service Flickr and many media outlets in Spain.

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