Alberto Barroso repeats victory in Tunisia

Alberto Barroso from Extremadura is good at Tunisia. The tennis player from Montija wins a new title at the ITF M15 in Monastir, Tunisia. Alberto Barroso beat Poland’s Olaf Pieczkowski in the final by a double 6-1. In the semifinals he eliminated Frenchman Constantin Bittoun Kouzminen 7-6, 6-2. The Extremadura native has his third title of the year after winning the two consecutive tournaments held in Monastir in August. In 2022 he also won in Tunisia in Monastir and Martos.

After the two tournaments won in singles in the summer and the victory in Seville in the doubles category, Alberto Barroso once again takes a title at the prestigious ITF M15 in Monastir in Tunisia, in this case his third.

He began the tournament as number two and was getting rid of Fabien Salle in the first round with a double 6-4, the Chinese Ye Hongyu 6-1 and 6-3 to get into the quarterfinals, where he beat the German Adrian Oetzbach 6-3 and 6- 2, in the semis the Frenchman Constantin Bittoun Kouzminen number three of the tournament by 7-6 and 6-2.

In the final, Poland’s Olaf Pieczkowski awaited him, whom he defeated by a resounding double 6-1 and won the tournament without giving up a single set all week.

Before starting the tournament Alberto started at 486, with the points from the tournament he will rise again in the ATP ranking.



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