Covid-19 connects Spaniards more to the internet

The hardest months of the pandemic, which resulted in total confinement for Spaniards, caused a 180-degree turn in the daily life of the entire population. Daily activities became virtual: meetings, calls, work and shopping.

Internet consumption skyrocketed and, for example, the main social platforms experienced a 55% increase in usage in recent weeks. The state of alarm that arrived in March contributed to users spending much more time on the Internet, specifically 25% more than before the pandemic, according to data from GfK Spain.

However, this digital trend has not suddenly returned to normal, it has also become a new reality. Spaniards continue to be very active Internet users, spending 169 minutes a day, which is almost 3% more than at the beginning of the year.

GfK Spain’s latest report, Post-Covid Digital Scenario, reveals that video calls and digital meetings are not a thing of the recent past. Currently, Spaniards invest 50 minutes a day (43% more) and in which they have gained 800,000 daily users compared to before the pandemic. Of course, the figure falls compared to March and April where the average use in Zoom and Microsoft Teams was more than one hour, 66 minutes specifically.

From the cinema to the sofa at home

In Spain, the drop in revenue reaches 68% and many movie theaters are facing more than possible closure. On the opposite side, streaming platforms are experiencing their golden age.

“Spaniards consume more media and entertainment than ever,” GfK says in its Post-Covid Digital Scenario report. In the worst months of confinement, the use of Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime rose by 26%, now the increase is reduced but continues to climb (3%).

Likewise, interest in the Home and Decoration category grows by 10% in the new normal and Delivery platforms (such as Glovo, Just Eat and Deliveroo, among others) increase their number of unique users by 17%.

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