Escrivá angrily denies “the hoaxes” of previous Social Security appointments

Wednesday, May 10, 2023, 3:08 p.m.

The strong character of the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, played tricks on him again this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies. Escrivá, enraged, denied the accusation by a PP deputy that to go to a Social Security office it is necessary to make an appointment. “It’s a hoax, it’s a lie,” he stated repeatedly, despite the fact that this is required on the Administration’s own website. “Attention to citizens at Social Security offices requires an appointment,” the ministry’s website literally specifies.

Escrivá, as he spoke, raised his tone, to the point of shouting, while showing signs of his visible anger, which was going ‘in crescendo’. «You have been lying and saying that you had to go to Social Security by appointment. Is not true. “25% of people are served directly,” he said. And he continued: «The problem is that hoaxes have negative consequences for citizens when some of them believe them. There are people who have believed them and have not gone to Social Security. People with disabilities. It is that they harm citizens. This is a shame, really.

The minister has been trying for months to solve the problem of traffic jams in Social Security appointments and, after the controversy over having to wait up to two or three months to get an appointment in one of the offices, now his message is to go directly if It is an emergency. But the problem persists. At least that is what is deduced from the multitude of criticisms that this statement by Escrivá has generated on social networks that it is a “lie” that one can attend without an appointment.

The former president of the Airef also described it as a “monumental and absolute hoax” that 260,000 self-employed workers are going to have to return the aid for cessation of activity that they received at the beginning of the pandemic. The ‘popular’ deputy Jaime Eduardo de Olano assured that this is information coming from the accident insurance companies that collaborate with Social Security and reproached the minister for believing that everyone lies to him. «For you, the mutual insurance companies lie, the Popular Party lies, the Ombudsman lies, the self-employed lie, the media lies. And now he will also tell me that the administrative managers lie when they denounce the ordeal that citizens suffer when they have to go to Social Security,” Olano reprimanded.

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