Interview with Antonio Monge Barrero, new steward of the Royal Patronage of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves.  today is

This 37-year-old from Zarca, single, with various jobs and a fan of music, dancing, cinema and cooking, was recently sworn in as butler of the Royal Patronage of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. He arrives with enthusiasm, new ideas and desire to work.

– What led you to present yourself as a butler?

The main reason that has pushed me to present my candidacy is that I like to work for the people and for my countrymen. In January of this year I had a conversation with our parish priest, Nacho. I have to confess that he convinced me.

– What is the role or functions of the butler?

Represent and defend, with the rest of the brothers, the heritage of Our Lady of the Snows, as well as organize celebrations in her honor both in August and September.

– Taking into account your previous experience in the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross (Brotherhood of Soledad), what is the most grateful thing about a position of this type?

What is most fulfilling is seeing the residents of the town satisfied and grateful for the work done.

– And the most difficult thing?

The most complicated thing is getting the work done year after year to be recognized and approved.

– What ideas do you and your team come to the Brotherhood with? What do you think they can contribute?

We want to do new activities to attract youth to the church and all its events. Furthermore, we are going to try to raise awareness among young people that the Hermitage is a place that must be cared for and respected since it belongs to everyone and for everyone.

– What projects do you have for the next September Fair?

We have several projects for this year, but they will be seen in due course.

– What assessment do you make of your years at the head of the Brotherhood of Soledad?

In total I was there for nine years: five as a brother and four as a butler. In this time I have met many people and I have learned to work as a team, having bad and good times. I stay with the friendship that unites us all.

– What assessment do you make of the work carried out by your predecessor in office, Cándido Corbacho and his board of directors?

Well, I would give a very positive assessment, since Cándido and the people who have accompanied and helped him have worked a lot in the church both for their parishioners and for the entire town of La Zarza.

– I suppose there will be joint actions with the priest. Are the relationships fluid?

Of course he does, because he attends all the meetings that his schedule allows, helping us in any way he can.

– What is or has been the first action you have carried out?

The organization and celebration of the novena in honor of the Virgin in August and the events that this entails.

– What message do you want to convey to the residents of La Zarza at the beginning?

Well, we apologize for any possible mistakes we may make, but do not doubt that we are going to do everything with enthusiasm and the best of intentions.

– What is the duration of the position? Do you plan to stay for many years?

The position lasts four years and, for now, I only want to serve one term.

– One last question. Brotherhood or Board of Trustees? Because?

Its authentic name is the Royal Patronage of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, established after the receipt of the Royal Decree of King Philip V in 1726, which authorized the construction of the current Hermitage on the previous one of the Santos Mártires.

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