Interview with Fabián Lavado Porro, 49 years working at the Lavado Bakery

After almost a century of activity, the Lavado Bakery has closed. Three generations have passed through it. The last ones were the cousins ​​Mateo and Fabián. We chatted with the latter on HOY La Zarza.

At 65 years old, married and father of two daughters, Fabián gives us a tour of what has been one of the most emblematic businesses in the town.

– Lavado Bakery has been a totally family business that has been passed down from generation to generation. Could you tell us how and when it all started?

The bakery was opened by our grandparents Fabián and Tomasa back in the 1920s. Then our parents and uncles (Martín, Toribio, Francisco and Antonio) started working, and then the children (Fabián, Mateo, Fabián, Manolo, and me) . We are, therefore, the third generation.

-And you, when did you start working as a baker?

Well, I started when I was 16 and I retired when I was 65, so I have been working for 49 years.

– They say that the lives of bakers are very sacrificed. Is that so?

Well yes, it is very hard. Among other things, due to the lack of family conciliation, apart from the schedule, with practically no rest.

– What hours did they have?

Well, we started working at two in the morning and finished around two in the afternoon.

– What have been the most significant changes from its beginnings until now?

We can talk about two big changes. On the one hand, mechanization, which allows work to be carried out more comfortably; on the other hand, the possibility of resting on Sundays, since at first people worked all year round, except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

– Do you think the baking profession has a future?

I sincerely believe so, but with one condition: making quality bread. Although the traditional model will probably have to be replaced by a more modern one.

– ‘Los Lavado’ bread has always had a reputation for being good bread. What was the secret?

The main thing to make good bread is to work with good raw materials, have a wood oven and do it in an artisanal way. Oh, and above all, a lot of dedication. It should be added that we have been making bread with sourdough all our lives, although it seems that this is a new invention.

– What kinds of bread did they make? And the best seller?

We made several types of bread: whole wheat, flame, molletes, candeal… The best seller was, without a doubt, the candeal bread baked in a wood oven.

– And is it true that bread makes you fat?

That is one more legend of the many that exist. I think that what really makes you fat is the accompaniment.

– What was the worst thing about your job?

Without a doubt, the schedule and the lack of rest.

– And the most satisfying part?

The most beautiful thing about our work was people’s gratitude and satisfaction with our product.

– What are the main problems facing the sector today?

The main problem we have to face today is the increase in energy costs in general and the rise in the price of our raw material, flour, in particular.

– What are you going to dedicate your retirement time to now?

Well, I’m going to try to do all the things that I couldn’t before due to lack of time, but above all, enjoy the family. Furthermore, I like to walk, follow my beloved Atleti, go fishing, travel, read, etc.

– As a farewell, although you already stopped working in December, what would you say to the people who have been your clients for so many years?

Well, I would like to wholeheartedly thank our customers for their loyalty and the love received during these years. It is very comforting to feel people’s appreciation for Lavado Bakery.

I would like to highlight that there have been families that took bread from our grandparents, later from our parents and, finally, from us.

Finally, I could not say goodbye without thanking my wife and daughters for patiently sharing these years and having had to give up many things that we would have liked to do as a family.

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