Interview with Julián Flores Gordillo, Juli the postman.  today is

Julián Flores Gordillo He just turned 58 years old. Parents of two daughters, he studied Vocational Training in Almendralejo, in the Administrative branch. A passionate fan of Real Madrid and a lover of football, he is popularly known as Juli “the postman”. For almost 36 years, he has walked the streets of the town daily delivering mail.

-How did you start in the profession?

Well, I started in 1981, although previously I had replaced my father a few times. I started covering a sick leave, which lasted until they made me permanent.

For more than 20 years I worked with Quino and, currently, I do so with his daughter María José, who is an excellent colleague.

-Had you ever considered being a postman?

Never, despite it being my father’s job. I had finished my studies, I had done my “military” and, due to a series of circumstances, the opportunity arose. And to this day, I have no regrets.

– How has your work evolved?

Well, in step with society, like everything, hand in hand with new technologies. From the family letter it has gone to the commercial one. From the letter from the father who had emigrated to Germany or from the people who worked in hotels in Catalonia and wrote weekly to his family, we have moved on to letters from banks or official organizations.

It should also be noted that the mail used to come by train and we would go to the station – even though it was closed – to pick it up. Later they brought it by van from Mérida and now they bring it by car from Guareña.

– What is the friendly side of your profession?

I would stay with two things. On the one hand, the daily interaction with the town’s residents, and on the other, bringing pleasant news to the people.

– And the less good side?

The weather conditions of winter, especially the rainy and windy days and the distribution of spam (fines from the DGT, the Treasury, etc.).

– Could you tell us what your work day is like?

We work from eight to three. Until ten o’clock we sort the letters and serve the public. From ten to two we dedicate ourselves to delivering and, finally, from two to three we take care of the internal work of the office.

– Do you know all the streets and houses in the town?

Totally, one hundred percent of the houses, with the name and surname of their tenants. Furthermore, I could assure you that I know the DNI number of many of these people.

– What type of mail is currently distributed?

Well, mainly commercial mail. In addition, with Internet sales, parcel delivery has increased greatly.

– Do you know how many kilometers you can travel daily?

Well, I estimate that between going up, down and crossing streets, approximately eight or ten.

– How much did a stamp cost before and how much does it cost today?

I want to remember that when I started working the price of a normal stamp for the national territory did not reach one peseta. Today it costs 45 euro cents (about 75 pesetas).

-What anecdotal situations do you remember?

Sometimes, and when the address does not appear, the coincidence of names and surnames makes delivery difficult. Also striking is the rejection of “black” letters from the Cadastre, Treasury, Traffic…

And outside of work, what hobbies do you have?

I like to walk but at home I spend a lot of time taking care of my pets (parrot, parrot, lovebird and a couple of rabbits). I am also fond of gardening (I take care of the pots) and cooking.

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