Interview with Miguel Ángel Trinidad Guerrero, almost 20 years in the world of football

After passing through the ranks of Extremadura, Almería B, Torrevieja, Mérida, Villanovense and Don Benito, Miguel Ángel Trinidad Guerrero, at 36 years old, leaves the ranks of Don Benito and joins his hometown team, CD Zarceño, where He will be able to fulfill one of his dreams: playing with his brother Dani. After almost 20 years, Trinidad reviews his football life.

What were your beginnings as a footballer? Where and when did he start?

My beginnings were on the street. As a child he was sick of soccer, he was with a ball at all times. Then I started playing in Zarceño with Chan and, later, when the team in La Zarza disappeared, I went to Villagonzalo. From there, to Extremadura, where my sports career began.

What match or matches have left an indelible memory in your memory?

I have several games in my memory, but I have a special memory of one against Athletic de Bibao ‘B’ in a promotion phase and another against Barcelona in a Copa del Rey tie. They were unforgettable moments.

In your long sporting life, what has been the best season?

In almost 20 years it is difficult to choose. Maybe one season at Villanovense the year of promotion and another at Don Benito, when we rose to Second B and were able to maintain the category.

What do you consider the most important goal in your career?

I would stay with two. One, the one I scored in a promotion phase to Second B against Torrelavega and another, the one I scored against Granada’B’ that served to start the comeback and maintain the category.

Of all the coaches you have had, have any of them left a special mark on you?

Although I have had many coaches and I have learned a lot from all of them, I would cite Julio Cobos and Juan García, as they have been the ones who have gotten the most out of me and with whom I have spent the longest time.

As a defender, which players have made it the most difficult for you?

There have been many who have bothered me, hehe. I remember Capel, from Sevilla; to Vadillo, from Betis or Paul, from Marbella, among others.

Have you had any major injuries in all these years?

I have been very lucky because to this day they have respected my injuries and I have not suffered any serious ones.

In the final stretch of your career as a player, what projects do you currently have? Would you like to continue linked to the world of football as a coach?

Well yes, I would like to continue as a coach. I already have level two and this year I am going to continue training to try to get level three. Additionally, this season I am going to take charge of a Zarceño cadet team to gain experience.

CD Zarceño fans have welcomed his signing. What do you think you can contribute to the team?

Due to my experience, I believe I can contribute experience and positioning on the field when reading the games. And something very important, teach my teammates to grow and enjoy on the field.

What do you think was missing to make the jump to professional football?

Well, something as simple as luck and being at the right time. When I played for the Almería reserve team I was close, because I got to train with the first team.

What memories do you have of the fans of the different teams you have played for?

Well, I only have words of gratitude. In my case, I have played most of the time for Villanovense and Don Benito, and I have felt very loved by both fans. I will always carry them in my heart.

And the locker rooms? Which colleagues have become friends?

Ufff, it would be very difficult to choose, because I have shared so many experiences and moments… But, well, when it comes to naming, although I am sure I will forget some, I would choose Willy, José Fuentes, Dani Chamorro, Pajuelo, Moragas, Javi Sánchez, Anxo, Jair, Sebas Gil, Ricardo Durán, Gonzalo, Abraham Pozo, David Agudo, Manu Ramírez, Artiles, Mario…

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before games?

Yes, I always like to jump onto the field with my right leg.

Which player do you admire or have you especially admired for his style of play?

For me, Pujol, one of the best center backs in the world, has been a reference. An example of honor, courage and something very important, knowing his limitations.

How has football changed since its beginnings until now?

In these almost two decades, football has evolved a lot. Before it was very physical and resources were limited. Now we work a lot with the ball. Videos, computing, GPS… have contributed enormously to greater analysis of matches and rivals.

Outside of the playing fields, what do you spend your free time doing?

The little time I have from working in construction and training is dedicated to being with my wife and daughter, friends and family. I also like to play paddle tennis, run or ride a bicycle.

How would you have liked to say goodbye to the Don Benito fans?

Well, I’m not very clear about it, because on the one hand I would have liked to leave the team in the Second Division and, on the other hand, I would have liked to continue to help the team move up. I apologize for not continuing, but since my daughter was born I had decided. I am convinced that Don Benito will return to the place it deserves.

Finally, what advice would you give to young people who dream of being footballers?

I would tell them that you have to be very persistent and never give up. There will be good and bad moments, but you must know how to endure, work hard and have humility.

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