Kiko Benítez and Kiko García, souls of the Rocío group ‘Los de La Zarza’.  today is

-How and when was the group ‘Los de La Zarza’ born?

FB: Back in the eighties, four friends who were fond of singing got together and since Sevillanas were in fashion, we got excited.

-Who were the initial members?

FG: In the beginning the group was formed by Paco Guerrero – who died three years ago – and Kiko Benítez, on guitar; Pedro Galán and I, singing. Later another guitarist, Paco Martínez, would join.

– And the name?

FB: It was the time of the Sevillanas boom. The name arose due to similarity with those of the large groups of that time. The Friends of Gines were from Gines (Seville), Los Marismeños (from the marshes), Los Romeros from Puebla, from Puebla del Río (also from Seville) and we, being from here, adopted the name ‘Los de La Bramble’.

– What was the best stage?

FG: The 80s and 90s, without a doubt. We had many performances. City councils, Provincial Councils, nightclubs, nightclubs… they hired us quite frequently. We performed mainly in summer in many parts of the province, but we were also called from Cáceres, Madrid, Huelva, Seville, etc. We contacted some representatives, including Pepe Ayuso.

– And the moment to remember?

FB: Undoubtedly the recording of the album ‘A la Virgen de las Nieves’, in 1991. We recorded it with six songs of mine – among them the popular one dedicated to the Virgin – and two by a composer from Montijo, Diego Caballero, at the Jammin studios. , from Merida. I remember we recorded it in 48 hours.

– What music did they make?

Mainly sevillanas, rumbas and fandangos.

-How did the group evolve from then on?

FG: After a few good years, around the year 2000 the Sevillanas began to decline. Pedro Galán left the group, and Paco Guerrero followed him shortly after. Between one thing and another we decided to dissolve it.

After a journey of 7 years in which the members took different paths, in 2008 they reappeared with some changes in the lineup.

– What was the reason for Los de La Zarza’s return to the stage?

FB: The return was the idea of ​​Francisco José Gómez, who proposed a performance for the fair at the summer disco. The group was made up, then, of the brothers Tomás and Benito Dicha, Paco Martínez and me. Later, Tomás would leave, Kiko García would return and Kiko Zambrano would also join the box. Some performances arose but between the crisis, the drop in caches, and the fact that the Sevillians were no longer in fashion, the galas declined and finally the group dissolved in 2016.

– What have been the best memories?

FG: For me the great atmosphere that existed between us. We enjoyed it very much. I remember that we repeated performances at the San Juan Fair in Badajoz, day and night, or that we spent a month singing in a room in Miajadas. We had a great time doing what we liked.

– And the worst?

FB: Well, since we were self-employed or salaried, Monday came and sometimes, with almost no sleep, we had to go to our respective jobs. Despite everything, we got along well. On a personal level, the hardest moment was, without a doubt, the death of our colleague Paco Guerrero.

– What have you lacked to have gone further or even made the leap to the professional field?

FG: Several things. On the one hand, a good representative who would have known how to promote us; on the other, greater musical accompaniment. With only two guitars we couldn’t do everything. Oh, and also the recording of a second album. We thought it could have been important.

– What assessment do you make of your career?

FB: For me it has been a very important experience in my life, thanks to which I have a good memory. We can sing more than 100 songs.

FG: I stick with what we have enjoyed and enjoyed singing. And with the response and support of the people of La Zarza, to whom we are very grateful.

Finally, we want to add that currently we remain open to any action that may arise.

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