Manuel Martínez Rincón, head of the Local Civil Protection Group.  today is

When and how was the La Zarza Local Civil Protection Group born?

The group began to take shape in 2008, following a project carried out by the City Council. I found out and decided to sign up. From then on we began to establish the association.

Why did you decide to enter Civil Protection?

I like to help people and collaborate with the different activities that are organized in the town.

How many members currently make up the group?

As of today, there are 14 members in the group. I think it’s a good number.

Is the number of volunteers sufficient or are more needed?

At the moment we are good in terms of number of troops. We are more than in other locations.

What are the main functions of the Association?

Well, in general terms, collaborate with all the groups that require our services and organize the corresponding preventive security measures.

What material resources do they have?

We have flashlights, water pumps, signage, first aid kits, radios, a wheelchair and a van vehicle.

What should a person be like or what qualities should they have to be a volunteer?

People who want to be volunteers must make a commitment to the group and be very responsible with their duties.

What are the most notable performances throughout the year?

We mainly collaborate in the Three Kings Parade, in the ‘Peñas Blancas’ hiking route, in the soccer matches, the duathlon, the September fair, the archery tournaments and the multi-sector fair ‘Expozarza’.

Do Civil Protection volunteers enjoy any benefits?

We do not have any benefit except satisfaction for the work done and gratitude from everyone.

What type of training do you receive?

Well, in our desire to improve, from time to time we attend training courses and talks.

Do you feel valued by the population?

Yes, every day we are more valued. The neighbors appreciate our selfless work and dedication of our time.


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