Pensioners receive the June extra pay of almost 1,200 euros

The more than nine million pensioners have already received the extra pay for the month of June, the most generous in all of history. Its amount this year has shot up by 10% as a result of the historical revaluation that they have had this year in line with inflation and its amount has been on average at 1,167 euros, according to data published this Tuesday by the Ministry of Social Security .

In total, Social Security has paid the extra to more than ten million pensions, all with the exception of those derived from work accidents and occupational illnesses, which are in 12 payments, since the extras are prorated in the ordinary monthly payments. Only 11,694.9 million euros have been allocated to the payment of the extra, 11% more than in 2022, which added to the payment of the ordinary payroll represents a disbursement of 23,692 million euros in one month, a record.

Thus, spending on contributory pensions stood at 11.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) until June, the same percentage as in 2022, but lower than in 2020 (12.4% of GDP), a year conditioned by the impact of the pandemic on GDP, and also that of 2021 (12.1% of GDP).

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Almost three quarters of the contributory pension payroll for June has gone to retirement pensions, specifically, 72.9%, that is, 8,740.3 million euros. 2,002.2 million euros have been allocated to widow’s pensions, while the payroll for permanent disability benefits amounts to 1,059.8 million, orphanhood benefits, 163.4 million euros, and benefits for family members. to 31.6 million.

Almost 1,400 euros of retirement

Of the 10,040,732 contributory pensions paid, 6,357,104 are for retirement, 2,350,589 for widowhood, 946,559 for permanent disability, 341,443 for orphanhood and 45,037 for family members. The number of pensions grows at an interannual rate of 1%.

The system’s average pension is already close to 1,200 euros. Specifically, it amounts to 1,194.9 euros per month, while the system’s average retirement pension is 1,374.9 euros. By regime, the average retirement pension from the General Regime is 1,532.7 euros per month, while the lowest is recorded by the Self-Employed Regime, 915.6 euros per month. In Coal Mining, the average monthly retirement amount is 2,680.7 euros, and it is 1,523.9 euros in the Sea Regime. The average amount of new retirement registrations in the system rose in the month of May from 2023 (latest data) to 1,352.3 euros per month. The average widow’s pension, on the other hand, is 851.8 euros per month.

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