The contribution of interns is delayed until next year

The scholarship recipients will not begin to contribute to Social Security until January 2024. The Minister of Inclusion and Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, backs down and, in response to the unanimous request of companies and universities, has agreed to delay the measure which was included in the last phase of the pension reform – recently approved – so that as of October 1 of this year all students who carry out training internships or external academic internships included in training programs are now included in the pension system. Social Security. This has been reflected in the Royal Decree Law approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers.

In recent weeks, the rectors of Spanish universities have carried out a pressure campaign on the Government to give them a moratorium on this obligation to contribute for all trainee scholarship recipients and have also shown their opposition to the Scholarship Statute, after the agreement reached by the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, with the unions, although it does not seem likely that it will see the light of day this term.

The reason given by the Escrivá department for postponing this measure is to “give more time” to educational centers to adapt, since – according to the Network of University-Business Foundations – more than 1.1 million university and training students professional could be left without internships and not finish their training if the Scholarship Statute comes into force.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Security explains that, “given that training practices are usually done in the second or third quarter of the courses, the new date will not negatively affect the students and will also facilitate the technical work of adapting the courses.” training centres.

Less than 10 euros fee

However, this moratorium has generated deep rejection in the unions, which charged against the Government for “putting at risk” the rights of young people and denounced the “unacceptable non-compliance” with the commitments acquired by the Executive within the framework of social dialogue. .

In any case, the cost of the scholarship recipients’ contribution to the companies or public centers where they carry out internships is very small, since the Government subsidizes these fees by 95% for students in paid internships and 97% for those who do not. They charge to do this work. It means, therefore, contributions of less than 10 euros per month.

On the other hand, the Government also extended special agreements from two to five years to be able to count previously completed internship periods as quoted.

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