The flight attendants denounce Spain for not being able to retire early like the pilots

New complaint against Spain before Brussels regarding its pension system. And in this case in a matter as sensitive as employment discrimination between men and women. If in recent weeks the soccer players raised their voices to try to equip the soccer players in salaries and conditions, now the flight attendants are also taking a step forward. The Sitcpla union has sued Spain before the European Commission for discrimination against flight attendants due to the difficulties that this group has in accessing early retirement with 100% of the rights, unlike what happens with pilots. , according to a statement.

The cabin crew (TCP), represented by more than 75% by women, criticize their exclusion from the Royal Decree of 1986, which applies reductions in minimum years of contributions to access retirement with 100% of the rights, so they can withdraw early. Furthermore, Sitcpla argues that all other aeronautical professionals, such as pilots, aerial photographers or flight mechanics – who are overwhelmingly men – can access this reduction in coefficients, but not this group of crew members who are apparently in the same situation and in which there are more than 8,000 women. The Air Navigation Law of 1960 included TCPs as part of the flight crews, but the traditional casual nature of these positions makes it difficult to accumulate years in a professional career marked, in addition, by hard work.

This would contravene the articles of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which defend the principle of equality and non-discrimination based on sex.

Criticism of different governments

Likewise, the union harshly charged against Spain for “looking the other way and pointed in particular to the five presidents of Government in the country’s history, along with more than seven socialist and five popular ministers of Labor and Social Security. He also criticized the judiciary for “not having done its homework properly.”

“The pressure differences, the continuous changes in time and temperatures, the musculoskeletal injuries, the statistics on vulnerability to certain diseases of the TCPs cannot be ignored for even one more minute by the Spanish State Administration,” he denounced in a statement. .

In short, for the union, the legislation of the European Union is “clear and categorical”: any hint of direct or indirect discrimination based on sex must be expelled from the legal systems of its member states.

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