The Senior Circuit ends with a tribute to Roanes

The Senior Women’s Circuit has been held throughout 2023 with three competitive events and an activity called Tennis and Women that took place in the month of March at the Don Benito Sports City with conferences and a clinic in charge of techniques and FExT referees. In strictly competitive terms, three events were played, the first at Top Slice Tennis Academy, also in March, the second at the Sociedad Hípica Lebrera in the month of April to close the circuit this month of November also at the Sociedad Hípica Lebrera. With the points accumulated in the three events held, the classification was headed by Marta Paredes and Sonja Wickman with 1,200 points, the third place was Elena Gil with 800 points. A complete success in participating in this Senior Women’s Circuit with 14 tennis players competing and very good attendance at the clinics and conferences.

In the men’s category, there are also three events on the Circuit, the first at the Top Slice Tennis Academy in March, the second in Mérida in the month of April and the third at the Sociedad Hípica Lebrera this November. The Circuit had three categories, ‘Sampras’, in which the first three were Manuel Fernández, Juan Romero and Juan Manuel Garrido, the ‘Borg’, headed by Roberto Jiménez, Víctor Cuerva and Juan Antonio Murillo and the third called ‘Eugenio Roanes’. ‘, which Alejandro Engelmo won, José Luis Albarrán, second and Jorge Engelmo in third position. With the presentation of trophies, the 2023 edition of the Extremadura Senior Circuit 2023 came to an end.

On Sunday, a heartfelt tribute was made to Eugenio Roanes, Extremadura Veterans champion in several editions, who recently died. The tribute was organized by his club, the Sociedad Hípica Lebrera, and in which the Extremadura Tennis Federation participated. Its president, Francisco Román, praised the figure of Eugenio, especially remembered on and off the slopes. The Vice President of the FExT, Roberto Jiménez, was also present.

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