This is what the new Samsung Galaxy S21 are like

Samsung presented its new Galaxy S20 a year ago in what was its last in-person Unpacked before the ‘coronavirus’ hysteria turned the entire world upside down. The technological giant usually leaves the game board at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and always advances the arrival of its models with guaranteed flashes, kicking off the duel to see which is the best terminal of the year. Thus, telephony continues its path despite the health crisis and the major flagships of the sector continue to arrive. He design and creativity In the innovation of smartphones it has reached a limit that it is no longer enough to have larger screens or put more cameras on the terminal. Now the effort is focused on 5G connectivity and wireless charging. Without forgetting that the ffuture of photography is on mobile terminals and the latest battle for smartphones continues to be fought in the field of image.

The new emblematic line Galaxy S21 It is the South Korean giant’s big bet for 2021 in the high range, with a device that aims to be crowned the best Android of this exercise and stand up to the next iPhone. The devices, presented this January 14 through a streaming video on the Galaxy Unpacked 2021, they do not boast in the design, which changes the camera module, and follow the line of their predecessors in several aspects. Samsung’s new colorful crown jewels possess the most advanced processor of the line. The company wanted users to prepare for “something epic”, a slogan used days before this date of the event that coincides with the last day of CES, the largest consumer electronics fair in the world.

Samsung has presented three smartphones, as it has done in recent years. Their names? Galaxy S21, S21 Plus y S21 Ultra. The great novelty in the latter is the original rear module for the photographic system that blends into the side frame of the phone, made of metal, and the compatibility of the S Pen, the optimal pencil that usually accompanies the Note and that allows you to write on the screen or operate the mobile phone through gestures. It will not be included and will be sold with a case so as not to lose it, since in this case it cannot be integrated into the phone.

This is what the new Samsung Galaxy S21 are like

The S21 are betting on the winning horse in terms of performance. They have a processor Exynos 2100 for the global market and Snapdragon 888 de Qualcomm in United States. All compatible with 5G networks.

He base model S21 It has a 6.2-inch screen, 8Gb of RAM, 128 or 256GB of storage and a 4,000mAh battery. He Galaxy S21 Plus It is a slightly higher model, with a screen that grows to 6.7 inches and a 4,800mAh battery. Finally, the top model, Galaxy S21 Ultra, extends the screen to 6.8 inches, has 12GB/16GB of RAM, 256 or 512GB of space and a 5,000mAh battery. The screens of these terminals are OLED type and operate at 120Hz. Neither terminal has a microSD card slot. They also do not bring with them headphones or power adapter. Samsung thus confirms the rumors and joins the bandwagon of Apple or Xiaomi, which have a similar proposal in the latest models.

They will be available from January 29 – they can be reserved from January 14 – and each model will have a different price. In some cases prohibitive and not for all audiences. The Galaxy S21 will start at 849 euros, the Galaxy S21 Plus at 1,049 euros and the Galaxy S21 Ultra at 1,249 euros..

In the photographic section, where many users focus when choosing a phone, is where the most differences can be seen. For example, the two most economical models share the same sensors, objectives and features. However, the Ultra model plays in another league in which it adds more megapixels, more zoom and the promise of capturing better images.

Los Galaxy S21 y S21 Plus They have three rear cameras: 12 megapixel main sensor, 64 megapixel telephoto lens and 12 megapixel wide angle. Something notable is that it is possible to record video with more than one camera. Action – reaction for example. The three new models record 4K video with all lenses and offer new ways of recording, such as the so-called Director’s Perspective, which allows you to preview what would be seen with each of the cameras. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 Ultralike its predecessor, has a 108 megapixel main sensora 12 megapixel ultra wide angle and two telephoto lenses, both with a resolution of 10 megapixels.

This terminal and the S21+ integrate UWB (Ultrawideband) functions, which will allow mobile phones to be used to open car doors without the key. Likewise, with SmartThings on Android Auto, these terminals can monitor smart devices in the home from the car and turn on a light or increase the heating temperature before arriving home.

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