“We are all going to get ahead together, no one is going to fall by the wayside”

Regarding health, good, since the virus has not affected as in other locations. As for the social and economic section, it is still early to assess, although there are already sectors that are being affected. The worst thing is the uncertainty about when it will end, when a vaccine will be available, the duration and process of de-escalation, etc.

How do you rate the behavior of the neighbors?

In general, their behavior is responsible and supportive, complying with the rules, which is why as mayor I feel enormously proud of them.

But as with any rule, there are always exceptions. Although information began in the first days, in recent weeks various irresponsible behaviors have been sanctioned.

What concrete actions are being carried out to fight the coronavirus?

We took the first steps before March 14, with the postponement of the Tapa Route, the suppression of visits to the nursing home, the closure of public spaces and services and increased cleaning in municipal buildings.

Once the state of alarm was declared, many decisions were made in a short time, such as increasing the hours of the local police, coordination with the local Civil Protection Group and the Civil Guard, informative notes to both citizens and establishments affected by said state, restructuring of municipal services, help to numerous residents from administrative services in the management of procedures with other public administrations, etc.

Regarding the disinfection of roads, municipal workers from Monday to Friday, including some holidays, have disinfected the critical and busiest points, the first weeks with an authorized company and, later, with the incorporation of numerous local farmers, tasks in those with which the Badajoz Provincial Council has collaborated

Regarding the acquisition of masks, the council has acquired 800 ffp2 masks, distributed to workers in establishments open to the public, health personnel, security forces and workers at the Health Center and Nursing Home, and in a few days, They will be distributed in all work centers in the municipality. Additionally, an order for 10,000 surgical masks will arrive in the coming days.

Has there been any particularly difficult moment since the state of alarm was declared?

The first days there were certain doubts about the application and monitoring of the decreed measures. And pressure, a lot of pressure, in addition to the concern about ‘shielding’ a group as vulnerable as the Nursing Home.

In short, there was no written manual nor did anyone know how to manage these situations. At all times, we try to apply common sense, act calmly and do everything possible and the best possible.

What projects have been affected by the coronavirus?

Among the most important events that we have suspended, we could mention the Tapa Route, the Livestock Fair and Book Day.

As for works, the improvement of the municipal swimming pool is paralyzed and various actions are pending to begin on different roads in the town, such as the improvement of steelwork on Victoriano Caballo Street, the paving with cobblestones on Pedro Cortés de Monroy Street or the improvement in sanitation networks in different streets, among others.

What role is the City Council going to play in the recovery of the local productive sector?

From the City Council we will put all the resources available to get out of this situation together and ensure that no one is left behind. Since the beginning of this situation, work has been underway on an Extraordinary Economic and Social Plan to help combat the consequences of this crisis, which will contain three large blocks: companies and the self-employed, families and individuals, and tax measures. When the situation begins to normalize, we will begin a round of meetings with the affected sectors.

Are measures being taken with the most vulnerable people?

Apart from the measures adopted by the Junta de Extremadura and the Government of Spain, at the local level the payments of taxes delegated to the OAR have been deferred, a first economic transfer has been made to the Cáritas Parroquial group for needy families worth 2,000 euros; The needs of various groups and neighbors have been attended to through the Local Police and Civil Protection, the home help service has been maintained for those users who have considered it to remain, and the municipal administrative services are facilitating the implementation of various efforts.

How is the mayor experiencing these days of confinement?

Honestly bad, why are we going to fool ourselves. He sleeps little and badly, without stopping to think about how to continue helping. For the rest, my time passes between the City Council and the family.

Do you think people’s attitudes or priorities will change after overcoming this crisis?

That is the big doubt that I think we all have. In the short term I think that the ways of valuing what is truly important in life and not what is urgent will change, but the big question is how long this change in attitudes and priorities will last, and if we will return to urgency again and not to what is important in our lives.

What message would you convey to the population?

I am sure that we will move forward and be stronger, and we will all do it together, without anyone being left behind. Finally, I would also like to thank, and I will not tire of doing so, the effort and solidarity of so many people and so many groups that put the common good before personal interests.

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